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Operating educational facilities is a task in itself. From licensing to audits and parent engagements to working with the children. Having the right software for your center can help you streamline those processes and tasks for smoother days. Our Brainiacs are here to help. 


Everyone wins with a digital platform that supports your entire business. The boring stuff is out of the way and quality services can be provided.

Center Administrators.

Office administration at an education center is laborious and repetitive. Yet, the tasks are necessary and have to get done somehow. Childcare software automates your repetitive work and offers insights so you can grow and improve your business.

Empower Teachers.

Teachers want to focus on educating their students. Childcare management software offers added insights and ease of managing the classroom that teachers will love. iCare Software eliminates the need for paper roster sheets and makes taking attendance a breeze. The software is also HIPAA compliant so that teachers have a holistic view of the child’s medical records on their tablet or smartphone.

Empower Parents.

You can make a parent’s day with just one photo. Share a little update on what a child is doing today and you’ll build trust and loyalty with parents. From photos to chat sessions, iCare Software helps you stay in touch all day long so you can collaborate and share in the childcare process.

With years of experience, we work with educational centers with confident steps.


With years of experience providing profound solutions, we approach every business with strategy and workflows


We use the best tools, exceptional testing. and quality design parameters. 


Our confidence is built upon results. With previous results in growth, we are proud of our methods and strategies for small businesses. 

A few ways automation helps your business

This is a few tools commonly used by small businesses to automate and manages their business like a Pro!


Online Chat


Online Booking & Calendar


Online Ordering


Online Payments


Online Registration


Online Courses


Client Portal


Email/ Text Marketing


Inventory Management


Employee Tracking


Accounting/ Bookkeeping


Project Management

Your Website Speaks

Educational Centers can do more online. From providing links or parents, homework links for students, or other resources, you can provide an easy way for families and staff to stay engaged taking your center to the next level. 

Staff Portals

Create portals with all the links in one central location for staff members to access and manage their task.

Parent Portal

A custom parent portal is agreat way to keep parents up to date on the activites within your facility

Student Portals

Have an online curriculum?

Create a student portal with all the links for the online curriculum you use!


Having a team behind your business has never been easier

Going at it alone or with limited teams can hinder your productivity. Getting it all done is the real challenge. While working day to day, from employees to students, the management can be a challenge. With the right tools, you can get it all done! We work with you and your team one on one to ensure adoption goes smoothly. 

Added value is what attract clients over competitors, make it easier for your customers to do business with you. While we handle your online engagement, focus on expanding your services, adding new curriculums, and/or training teachers on higher standards. Add value to your center and we will market your new services. 

Our Rates.

*Rates varies from client to client. Here is a sample of possible rates prior to a discovery call. All rates are finalized in the proposals. 

  • Pay in Full
  • Website
  • $499
  • $20
  • Professional 
  • Included
  • $0-$5
    (per e-mail)
  • Software
  • Included
  • Varies (incurred by Provider)
  • Software Configurations
  • $999
  • Included* (Managed Services)
  • Data
  • $499 – 1999
  • No Additional
  • Monthly
    Managed Services
  • Included
  • $199-

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